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The best ones are like water.
Water is good; it benefits all things and does not compete with them.
It dwells in lowly places that all disdain;
    that is why it is so near the Tao.
The best ones in their dwelling love the earth.
Lao Tzu

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Rooms In Our House

Evil Dreams: The things that trouble my nights.
Trolls in The Garden: Linda's Poetry
The Gallery: Pictures of Us, Our Friends, and Such As We have Wandered To.
The Library: Hopefully Useful Links.
The Study: Sundry Political and Social Philippics.
In the Basement: Oddities that don't fit in the rest of the house. Tom O'Bedlam, World Population, and Resumes.
My Blog Tactical Logic: Information Engineering for the Practical Data Phreak.
The Mail Box: Send us email.

This page last updated January 22, 1999. There have been [an error occurred while processing this directive] visitors. Pathetic, isn't it?

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