Odd, Amusing, and Useful Places We've Found

Have you ever noticed how 80% of any particular web site is links to other web sites, which are essentially link pages to other pages of links, und so weiter? What's you favorite oddity? Mail us!
For this page, green is places you haven't been yet and purple is places you have been.

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Agile Management
Artistic Endeavors
Clip Art and Backgrounds
College Football
Distributed Computing
Friends, Romans, and Countrymen
Gothic Pages
Highly Effective Uses of Web Technology
Sundry Information
Knowledge Discovery in Databases
Job Search
Mathematical Endeavors
The New Media
New Marketing
The New Printing Press
Pacific Northwest
Personal Worlds
Reading. Magazines and such.
Reality-Based Community.
Sites that Probably Don't Want to be Listed Like This
Software Links
Sound Resources
The Things People Do ...
Web Resources
Wiccan Pages
World-Class Link Pages
The Graveyard.

Agile Management
Seattle Scrum
Waterfall 2006 (Humor)
Mitch Lacey

Artistic Endeavors
Elfwood A Library of Amateur Fantasy Artists
Epilogue Another JPG Community
Freakography That's not art. That's bloody weird.
H.R. Giger Aliens? HA! Aliens was the watered-down version.
Jin Wicked
Goddess Art Mythic Babes
Electrum Magicum
Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site.
Things Go Crash
Shadowscapes Stephanie Pui Mun-Law
Jason Chan Art
Cool Mini or Not
Barbarian Photography
The Simarillionr Tolkien done as Sims characters.
Rendered Beauty
Chuck's Photo Spot

Seattle PI Big Blog
Big Picture

The Chess Cafe
USCF United States Chess Federation
Pittsburg The University of Pittsburg Chess Club.
Exeter Chess Home Page Lots on instructional material and games.
The Mining Co. Pages of organized, rated links.
R&D Publishing
Chess is Fun! Jon R Edward's site of tactics, games, and openings. A bunch of fun example mates.
Smart Chess
Chess World
TWIC This Week in Chess.

Clip Art and Backgrounds
Right-click (sorry Macs!!) on an image to get a download menu.
Barry's Clip Art. Many, many links to impressive collections.
Clipart Gopher From Florida State.
Kate Bush Pictures More Kate Bush than you can shake a stick at.

College Football
Massey Rankings
Howell's Football Scores

Comics It's almost embarassing how big this section is. And I don't even link to dilbert.
Blue Canary
Coma Dreams
Desolation Angel
Fallen Angels Books
Sea of Insanity
Mixed Myth
The Nice
Odd Jobs
Striptease Goths
Wandering Trials
Wapsi Square
Wings of Change
Absurd Notions
Alien Dice
Bruno the Bandit
Bruno Baldwin
Clan of the Cats
Courting Disaster
Cool Cat Studio
Errant Story
Everything Jake
EverSummer Anime
Exploitation Now
Gaming Guardians
General Protection Fault
It's Walky
Kevin and Kell
Shadowfall et al
The Napping Cat
Miss Mab Fuzzies
Modern Tales
Neon Dragon
Online Comics
Cunningham Strikes!
Queen of Wands
Red Meat
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan
RPG World
Skirting Danger
Sluggy Freelance
Something Positive
Thadeus and Weez
Ubersoft Helpdesk
Wandering Ones
Yin and Yange
You Damn Kid
Alpha Shade
The Pain That's not funny. That's sick.
Least I Could Do
Girl Genius
Dresden Codak
Skin Horse
Brat Halla
Wayfarer's Moon
Pictures of You
PhD Comics
Sophia: Awakening
Flaky Pastry
Twilight Lady
Freak Angels
Giant in the Playground
Breakfast of the Gods
Seven Extraordinary Things
Prophecy of the Circle
Socery 101
Yellow Peril Comic
Rosscott inc
Questionable Content
The Gutters
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Blip Comic
Oh Goodie!
Scandanavia and the World
Snow by Night
Just a Bit Off
Gunnerkrigg Court

Computers What the thing you're looking at is.
Puget Sound Custom Systems.
Street Tech
Driver GuideWhere to get device drivers.

Distributed Computing Your PC can play research supercomputer.
Evolutionary Research
World Community Grid

Friends, Romans, and Countrymen
John Burridge College friend of Linda's. John the Colorful lives up to his name with a web page that features haiku and dragonflies.
Keffa Friend of Linda's from Reed. Play tic-tac-to with Fiona.
Jim and Chris Waurzyniak Adventures of the Transient Trio.
David Freeman My brother.
Rustin Wright
Amy Zing Productions

Two Rainyside Gardeners.
Greenhouse plans.
Pinetree Garden Seeds
Territorial Seeds

Gothic Pages
The Dark Side of The Web Links to all bloody over the place -- and I do mean blood.
OddlyStrange Tricks and Treats.

Highly Effective Uses of Technology
Astronomy Picture of the Day Now this is Big Science! A picture of something that isn't on Earth, and a new one every day.
Alta Visat Bablefish On-Line Translations
Implicit Association Test This is great -- a way to test what we really think and not what we think we think.
Idea Futures
MIT Courses on the Web
Project Gutenburg
The Chomskybot
Terra Server
Rotten.com These people are really, seriously sick.
Baen Free Library
Iowa Electronic Market
Doonesbury's Town Hall Features a Kwik Kwiz and a Straw Poll.
Edward Tufte
Emode On-Line Tests
GNOD The global network of dreams
How Stuff Works
Iterated Systems Transfer files using fractal logic.
Klein Bottles
Society for Amateur Scientists Socks at 450 mph!
Sacred Texts Sacred texts from all over the world.
Urban DictionaryWhat does it all mean?
Will It Blend?
Global Consciousness Project
Microplace Investing
Technology, Entertainment, Design
Tactical Corsets

Information, Sundry
The Jargon File
Sacred Texts
Angie's List
The Edge (of human thought)

Job Searches
Analytic Recruiting
NW Job Source
Seattle Jobs
Brass Ring
Numeric Jobs
D.W. Simpson Actuary -- look for their salary page.
The best job metasearch engine.
Workforce Explorer.
I Crunch Data

KDD What I do for a living.
The National Center for Data Mining
KDD Nuggets
Microsoft Data Mining
UCI Machine Learning Group
KD Mine: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Resources Index
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Foundation
The Census
Oracle Guide
More Oracle
Uncertainty 99 : Proceedings
UCI KDD Archive
Predictive Data Mining Software
DM Benchmarking
The WEKA Project GPL Data-Mining Tools
CRAN R Archive
The Modeling Agency
Neural Net FAQ
Intelligent Results Bellevue Company
Web Analytics Demystified
Appollo Data Tech
Data Shaping
R and Data Mining
Google Public Data
Smart Data Collective
Predictive Analytics for Everyone

Mathematical Endeavors
The UIUC Stats Dept Page. Where I got my MS from.
The Puget Sound Statistical Association Where I hang out for stats.
The Puget Sound Research Forum Local quants.
Cut-the-knot Interactive mathematics.

Movies For the high-bandwidth people.
Atom Films
Urban Chillers

Green Linnet
Groove Radio
Shelly Dotty
Greatful Dead Archive
Celtic MP3s
Indian Electronica
DJ Spooky

The New Media What can you do with a web page?
The {fray} A new printing press demands a new aesthetic, and these stories use the web-medium very well.
Maggy A one-woman short-story site, with an aesthetics rather similar to the {fray}s.
the remedi project
Tweak On-line short story magazine.
Urban Desires
Here Be Stories

New marketing
The Cluetrain Manesfesto

The New Printing Press. Freedom of the press has always meant freedom for the people that owned the presses. Now a 'press' is as cheap as a web page.
The Fortean Times Online The great-grandaddies of Weird Studies.
Real History Archives Home Page
MediaFilter.org Tactical Media
This American Life
Public Information Research More than you actually wanted to know.
Slashdot:News for Nerds.
Paranoia: Conspiracy
BAG News Notes

Pacific Northwest
Seattle Peace Concerts
Metro Bus Service Information
Washington State Parks
Washington State Ferries
Seattle Lexicon How to talk PNW.
City of Seattle Page
Seattle Rideshare On-line
Digital City Seattle guide.
Puget Sound Clean Air
Seattle Live Music
NW Fuel
Boeing Surplus
Seattle History House
NW Mint Bullion
Rat City Roller Girls
Richard Hugo House
Embrace the Moon Tai Chi
Visionary Dance
King County Transfer Stations
NonSequitur Avant-Guarde Art.
Seattle History House

Personal Worlds
Hyperborea Alchemical Garden at the End of Time. The name says it all. What are your plans for the end of time?
Evil People No really. They're evil. But not rude.
HHHH The Happy Hackers have their own server.
Sam Sloan I'm not sure about this guy .. but he seems to have an interesting life.
The pile.
BaddGrrl's Domain.
manifest station.
Data Diva
The Glass Dog I'm still trying to figure this one out -- but it's weird, strange, and well-done.
�1995-1998 HELL.COM� Go to Hell. If you are lucky they'll let you in.
t h i s . i s . f l a u n t
Mark Hughes
Abandoned Places
Joel on Software
The Hardmans
Warp Nine Flying False Colors
Exit Mundi

John Kerry
Counter Coup
Conservative Debate Handbook
Polling Report More polls.
46th Dist Democrats
The Amateur Pundit
Amnesty International - USA
Bush Body Count
Buy Blue (Democratic)
Commission on Global Governance
Common Dreams
Conceptual Gorilla
Democratic Underground
Electoral Vote Prediction
Eudaimonic World Political Party
FAIR Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting
Fringe Folk
Green Parties of North America
Liberal FAQ
COINTELPRO Yes, we really did it.
Liberals and Libertarians
Citizens for Legitimate Government
Open Secrets Where do they get their money from?
People for the American Way
Progressive Populist
Progressive Majority
The Public I Investigations from Center for Public Integrity
The Center for Public Integrity
Pull No Punches.com
Welcome to Seattle Volunteer
Seeing Red
Speak Out
Taxpayers for Common Sense
The New Republic
Union of Concerned Scientists
WorldWatch Institute
Working for Change
Zogby Know your polls.
Iraq War Trading Cards

Reading.Magazines and such.
NY Transfer All the news that doesn't fit.
FindLaw's Commentary
Alternet. Independent news and information.
Arrianna Huffington
Bush Watch
Consortium News
Daily Howler
Dismal Science Economics
The Bush Watch
Greg Palast
UK Guardian
Michael Moore
Online Journal
Poliglut A glut of politics.
American Prospect
Salon On-line article magazine.
Talking Points Memo
The Hill
Unknown News
U.S. News

Reality-Based Community
Edge of Human Thought
Science on Tap

Roleplaying.We all have our dirty secrets
HeroQuest Home Page
Really Bad RPGs
EBON The Ever-Changing Book of Names
Jon Kim's RPG Journal
Mark Hughe's RPG Page
Great River GamesFree RPG
Free Games
Places to go, People to be. On-line RPG Magazine
Robin Law's RPG Journal
About RPGs
tamerthya Floorplans with hexes.
The Wild Hunt
Access Denied Player Database
Real Man's DnD
Arduin Grimore.
Adventure Quest
Behind the Name Names Database
Chivalry and Sorcery
The Burning Void. Another on-line RPG Magazine
Historical Floorplans
Dave Arneson
D&D Creature Catalog
Critical Miss
d20 Reviews
Free RPGs
List o' Games
Dialog PubsRPG Resources
D&D Comunity Council
D&D Adventures
Dragonflight Seattle Games Con
Effie Rover's Link Page.
Emily Care's RPG Journal
d20 Fan Community
Fantaseum Resource Library
Fantasy Library
Flying Buffalo
Forgotten Futures
Blue Troll's Netbooks Another resource Library
UK Free Wargames Rules
Fudge Factor
GOBLIN Podcast Network
Glorantha Hero Wars.
FUDGE Free-Form Rules
The Hall of d20 Heros
Heliograph Press Home of Forgotten Futures and more.
Chris's Free RPG List
The ForgeIndie RPG Resources
Shadowrun: BKK Data Files
Medieval Demographics
iGRandom Towns and such.
Sons of Kryos Podcast
Wasteland Games Archive
Judge's Guild
Kargatane Ravenloft
Pete's Runequest
The Guide to Adventure More Free Rules
Noble Knight Games Out-of-print Games Source.
NW Gamers
Indie Desktop Pictures
Encyclopedia Mythica
Green Dragon Inn
Pen & Paper Games
Steve Perrin
About.com RPG Page
RPG Library Free/Shareware Rules
RPG Registry
Judge's Guild
RPG Shop
RPG Archives
RPG Planet
RPG Information
RPG Forums
Seattle Gaming Con
Parlor LARPS
Dragon Tree Press
Titan Games Cheap Used Games
Uncle Bear
World of Sulerin
RisusFree RPG
Emerald City Games Feast

The Mind Lab.
Improbable Research.
Sites that Probably Don't Want to be Listed Like This

Software Links
Ziff-Davis The shareware is harder to find, but they still have an exelent, virus-checked library.
TUCOWS The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software -- and a really tacky web scheme.
Microsoft Freeware right from the horse's ...er... mouth.
Pass the Shareware Share and share the ware.
www.arachnoid.com My favorite HTML editor.
GWD Text Editor My favorite text editor.
GasGorf My favorite palm pilot game.
Palm Pilot stuff
Terra Term Free telnet client
Zone Alarm Semi-free firewall
Gibson Research Port Checks
Open Office Freeware Office Suite
Sourceforge Freeware software

Sound Resources
You too can have a computer that sounds like HAL. Or a web page that has annoying background music.
Michael's WAV Files You too can have a computer that sounds like HAL.
Music King's
MIDI Archive

Statistical Modeling
Data Dryad
Anon Analytics
Crowd Analytic s

Benebell Wen
The Tarot Lady
Biddy Tarot
Mary Greer
Rachel Pollack
Tarot by Cecelia
The Tarot Review
The Cartomancer

The Things People Do and I'm happy they put on the web.
HotAIR The Home of the Irreproducable Research Association.
Cyberia The Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia. A huge in-joke, but weirder things have worked out.
Grognards Wargames.
Trebuchet.com Test pilots, anyone?
PEGE Enlightenment through solar power.
The Hamster Dance
The photo.net Web service
Rainbow Family
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
Vidocq They Solve the Unsolvable.
Szillard's 10 Commandments
Paper Airplanes
The Oops! Page
Noosphere e

Seattle Bed and Breakfasts

Web Resources
What to do and not do in a web page.
Jacob Nielsen's
Web advice. This is a periodic column written from Sun Microsystems. Go up to their homepage to see an example of a nicely-written page.
Composing Good HTML
Web Rings The Link Exchange done _LARGE_. Lots of rings.
Add_Me.com A one-stop page for adding your URL to search engines.
Award-It For those of you with healthy egos, a place to register for Internet awards.
Dmitry Kirsanov Web page advice. Really outstanding advice on how to use HTML as a medium.
Fierce.com Fierce pages for fierce surfers. A good resource for the 'best of the web'. Update: Now, about skatebording.
Web Standards
web pages that suck
DMOZ Open Directory Project
CSS Garden
Ghost Sites on Disobey

Wiccan Pages
Coven of the Red Witch
Seattle Wiccans
Witch Vox

Chateau Ste. Michelle
Columbia Winery
Wines on the Internet Guide to Wine and Wineries
A buying guide to wine, beer, and spirits--Tastings.com
Northwest Enological Society
Washington Wine Commission Opening
Silver Lake Winery
Pacific Northwest Wine Club

World-Class Link Pages

The Graveyard.. Pages I used to like but aren't up any more. Rest in Peace. My new comments are in bold.
The Music of
Charlie Manson
There are many benefits to a good college education. There are tremendous intellectual resources and influences that can change your life forever. There are cutting edge computer resources to express yourself in ways undreamt of a few years ago. And there are clinics with friendly therapists with big bowls of anti-psychotics.
Randal Sharpe Another UIUC math department dropout (like John and myself) that is also making rather more than the successful ones. And he looks so innocent, too.
Beyond Borders
Photography Gallery
Professional photography from around the world. The really awful bit is that the domain name has taken over by a bunch of evangelicals. Dead and cannibalized.
The Knot Square Mathematical Knots. {pretty! pretty!}
Radical and Extreme
Launch a spud a mile! Skid on your face at 50 mph! Now, *this* is why we have technology.
Elements of HTML Style. I guess web style is just hopeless.
Style Guide for
Online Hypertext.
Yup, style for the web is out of style.
Best Viewed with Any Browser A pox on both their houses. Write web pages for everybody. Now, just sell out.
Wizard-Net Jessh. Now you need permission to look at their pages.
Space Lab New Yawk Artists.
The Father of Shareware. Speaking of shareware, this guy pretty much invented it.
The Darkening
of the Light
Aussie Goths
The Norwich Masquerade Playing (?) vampires.
Sayre's World. Sayre used to be a stay-at-home housewife that only got out through the internet. She also used to have a pretty impressive list of mental illnesses. I'm actually kind of worried her site went offline.
S.I.C.O Play chess against the whole world -- but don't worry, you've got the whole world on your side.
Tamagotchi Simulator Oh yeah right. A java simulator of a virtual pet. You can even push an imitation button to pretend to flush the artificial poop of the simulated virtual pet.
The Clocktower The Tower is broken, rubble all around -- but the shadows we see are still much of the best, most unique art on the web.
Deadly Embrace A murder mystery in movies.
King of The Cats They ran an insanely cool graphic BBS that got eaten by the web. Now the gravestone website is gone.
Nicole's Home Page How to describe more links in one place to neater things than I've ever seen anyplace else, completely unsullied by content?
Puget Sound
Computer User
How to get linked in the Emerald City.
Seattle Wine Notes
The Wine Page
The Jesus Dance

See the home page.