Vita Est: Steve R. Hastings

I'm a software development engineer.

I have a wonderful wife named Denise Chan. You might be surprised how many people have a problem understanding the concept of a wife having a different last name than her husband. Oh, well.

We like cats. We used to have a cat named Matrix. Now we have a cat named Sammie. I should put up a Sammie page.

Denise and I love to ride bikes. We used to have a funky tandem bike, but these days we ride either lightweight road bikes or our conventional tandem. We ride thousands of miles per year, in bad weather and good.

Do you think you might like to ride a bike? I'd like to talk you into it. Read my Bicycle Fast Start! page for my advice on how to get started and really enjoy it.

Politically I'm a minarchist libertarian. That means that I think the government should be very small and do very little (and collect very little in the way of taxes). The government should enforce the laws against force and fraud, and should handle the national defense, and that's about it.

If you are planning a visit to the Seattle area, be sure to check out my Seattle Area Secrets page. It includes many things not found in other Seattle pages.

Be seeing you.

I was one of five children: Stuart, me, Melissa, Larry, Carolyn.

Babylon 5
Babylon 5 was the best television show in years. Now I'm watching the new Battlestar Galactica. Yes, I like science fiction.

You should check out Baen Books. Their Free Library contains dozens of books you can read for free. They also sell ebooks. Baen has an excellent policy: they do not use annoying "copy-protection" schemes to try to make their books uncopyable. This means you are free to copy the books to your PDA, your laptop, or wherever. I reward them for this policy by buying lots of books. These days I'm buying more ebooks than paper books!

Steve R. Hastings