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I have two major personal on-going photo projects, my "Urban Blight" series, and my "People" series. Both of these are shot on black & White film and I generally use a Hassleblad for these two projects. Both of these projects were started in the late '80 and continue to present.

I also do some oil painting and these too can be broke into two primary topics. Architectrual subjects and people.

The photo series are availible as hand-printed prints, or cards; the paintings as originals or prints.



5218 20TH Avenue NW #210
Seattle, Washington 98107 USA

Tel. 206-679-6877
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Oil Paintings I started painting after seeing images I knew I could never capture on film. I have had just a few painting classes, one on color theory/mixing and one on design. I decided early on I shouldn't take more classes as I liked the style I quickly developed and I didn't want some painting expert to correct all the mistakes I was (no doubt) making. I don't sell my originals but I am happy to paint any size "original copy" upon request.

Black & White: People Series.A Street Photography series I started in 1989 and have worked on it every year since. I started this series using a Plaubel Makina 6x7cm folding camera but switched to my Hasselblad 500cm for its quieter shutter (with the mirror pre-released) and am now using my Leica MP and Mamiya 6 as well. These are all taken with a wide angle lenses standing about 3 feet from the subject. I have great fun with this project, I am constantly amazed at just how close I can get to most people. They don't notice I'm in their face! Tokyo was the most difficult city to photograph in, quite often I would be the only non-asian in the area so people noticed me and my camera right away.

Black & White: Amerikana I am attracted to the darker side of America. Large cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia, Saint Louis, Chicago, all have areas we as Americans should be ashamed of, and we ought to be doing something about. I started off calling this my "Urban Blight" series but have since renamed it because not all in this series is sad and depressing; just typical American. These are images shot mostly with a Hasselblad 500c/m.

3 Days in San Francisco, in the Spring of 2005 with just my Leica MP and a 50mm lens and pocket of film. San Francisco is one of my favorite American cities, no doubt.

As of December 2007 I have published my first book. It's a retrospectivce review of my black & white street photography of People. Order Book Here!

Prints and Cards are available of all images. Cards are $3. Black & Whites prints are $125 for 16x20" prints, 8x10s are $85. Other sizes/usages available. All prints are "wet printed" by me to Illford archival standards on fiber-based photo paper (Bergger or Illford) and selenium toned.

Studio Boina is my little gallery/work space/espresso bar. It's located in downtown Ballard. This is where I paint, scan and process my images, and hang-out. My studio is open by appointment.

Photographic tips. A few tips I would pass along: worry more about taking photos than what you take the photos with (not easy, I know). Consider using techniques such as hyper-focus to control what you want to be in focus. Learn the Sunny-16 rule and switch off you auto-everything camera.

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