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Local or world-wide, small and large projects for business solutions. Company profiles, images for promotional projects, annual reports. web sites. legal. I provide creative on-time, on-budget image solutions. Digital or Film.

For the best quality you still can't beat large format film but most projects are fine shot digital. I now provide architectural projects using HDR technique which provides a wider exposure range without extensive additional lighting.


5218 20TH Avenue NW #210
Seattle, Washington 98107 USA

Tel. 206-679-6877
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Legal Photography: Negligence/Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice,
Premises & Product Liability

Commercial On-Location
Office , factory, job-site. I am comfortable in pleasant as well as gritty situations and will bring back exciting images.

Archtectural Images samples
Large format film for the finest quality or HDR digital.

Architectural Commercial Stock Fine Art
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