Make sure you include proper units in your answer!

  1. A car that uses 30 gallons of gasoline to go 600 miles is used for a 1000 mile trip. If this car gets the same rate on the 1000 mile trip, how many gallons will it use?
  2. _____________

  3. How many square tiles, 9 inches on each side, will it take to cover a 12 foot by 6 foot rectangular area?
  4. _____________

  5. A cake recipe calls for sugar, flour and water in the ratio 1 : 4 : 6 respectively. If I used 2 cups of water in this recipe, how many cups of flour do I need?
  6. _____________

  7. Find the area of this figure made up of rectangles. All measurements are in meters.

  8. _____________

  9. A driver starts driving east at 50 miles per hour on I-90 from Seattle at the same time that another driver starts driving west from Spokane at 60 miles per hour. If it is 330 miles from Seattle to Spokane, how long will it take them to meet each other?