Make sure you include proper units in your answer!

  1. Trong wants to make a fruit salad. His recipe calls for 3 oranges, 5 bananas and 8 apples and it serves 6 people. If he wants to serve 30 people, how many apples will he need?
  2. _____________

  3. What is the area and perimeter of this figure?

  4. Area _____________

    Perimeter _____________

  5. How many square tiles, 9 inches on each side, will it take to cover a 12 foot by 6 foot rectangular area? Assume that the tiles are placed right next to each other with no space between them.
  6. _____________

  7. A bicyclist riding at 12 miles per hour travels for 3 hours. How long did it take a hiker at 4 miles per hour to travel the same distance as the bicyclist?
  8. _____________

  9. Find the area of this figure made up of rectangles. All measurements are in meters.