SCHOOL ___________________________ TEAM_______

1). Find the mean, mode, median and range
of this set of math test scores:
Express mean to the nearest tenth.

    75, 92, 88, 75, 100, 96, 88, 90, 88, 78, 86

Mean:___________ Mode: __________

Median:_________ Range: _________

2). Donilo goes to the Cinema-6 complex
to see 2 different movies. Cinema-6 has 6 theaters
and each shows a different movie.
There are shows at 7 and 9 PM in each theater.
How many different movie pairs can he see?


3). A gum machine contains 8 red gum-balls,
7 green gum-balls, and 2 blue gum-balls.
What is the probability of purchasing
a gum-ball at random that is not green?


4). The field in the picture has shaded and
unshaded regions. A helicopter hovers
over the field and drops a water balloon.
What is the probability that the balloon
will land in a shaded area?
Express your answer as a fraction in simplest form.


5). A sub shop offers the options below for bread, meat, toppings and dressing on your sub. How many different subs can you order from this sub shop, assuming you select one bread, one meat, two different toppings and one dressing per sub?