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Input units: (Example: "55 mi/hr" or "mi/hr")
Output units: (Example: "ft/sec")

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  1. Any distance unit can be made an area by adding the prefix "sq" or "square".
  2. Any distance unit can be made a volume by adding the prefix "cu" or "cubic".
  3. Any distance unit can be made a rate by combining it with a time unit with a "/" or the word "per" (e.g., "feet/second").

Available Units

Distance Time Volumes Areas Angles Weight
meters seconds liters acres degrees kilograms
centimeters minutes quarts sections radians pounds
millimeters hours fl-ounces hectares arc-minutes grams
kilometers days bushels "sq" + any distance unit arc-seconds ounces
decimeters years pecks drams
feet decades cords grains
inches centuries hogsheads
yards milliseconds pints
miles microseconds milliliters
rods picoseconds gills
fathoms fortnights cups
light-years teaspoons
parsecs tablespoons
angstroms "cu" + any distance unit