Hands-on math!

Scheduling Considerations

The provided lessons are geared to a full academic year. We have typically started Math Team in the 3rd week of September and continue until the second week of May. This gives ample time to cover the topics the students will be requied to master by the time of the Washington State Math Olympiad (in the first week of May). The curriculum for both years consists of 25 lessons. Lesson materials are provided for a one-hour class session once a week up to lesson 9. Beginning with lesson 9, materials will be provided for a second 'practice competition' session, to be conducted on another day of the week. This, too, is expected to be a 1-hour session. Use of these practice competition materials is optional, but highly recommended to deepen understanding and have some fun.

After approximately every fifth lesson, plan a 'free week', a week of review or catch-up. There's enough time between September and May for a few breathers. A 'free week' is a week which is used to 'catch up' for those schools which are a lesson behind due to holidays or other interruptions. This assumes you are coordinating your program with other schools. If you haven't missed any weeks since the last 'free week', practice competition materials are provided to quiz students on previously introduced concepts.

Based on our past experiences, certain scheduling options are better than others. Here they are: