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Probability is the likelihood of something happening in the future.
It is expressed as a number between zero (can never happen) to 1 (will always happen).
It can be expressed as a fraction, a decimal, or a percent.
Here is a table of typical probabilities:

EVENT Probability
as a fraction as a decimal as a percent
The sun rises in the morning11.0100%
A flipped coins turns up 'heads'1/20.550%
A card drawn out of a deck is a club 1/40.2525%
A card drawn out of a deck is a spade, heart, or diamond 3/40.7575%
A kid flies by flapping her arms00.0%

To learn more about probability, see the probability notes.

Here are a couple of problems for you:
  1. What is the probability of a birthday being on a Tuesday? _____

  2. What is the probability of drawing a red card out of a standard deck of 52 cards? _____