Kevin Hutchins the Bellinghamster

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location: South Hill neighborhood, city of Bellingham,
state of Washington, U.S.A., 98225-5367
telephone (NANP): three six zero seven one four nine four three seven
email: kevinhutchins NO @ SPAM

name: Kevin Hutchins

HIV since 1980s, AIDS since 1990s. Queer homosexual, atheist, anti-natalist, extinctionist, pacifist, vegan, egalitarian, anti-marriage privilege, non-gender-conforming, anti-authoritarian, anti-consumerist, ethical eudaemonist.

It is the surest and saddest confirmation of the evil which is human society when we observe how happiness correlates negatively with intelligence: the smarter a person is, the more likely they will be horrified by the world of people in which they are forced to live; the stupider a person is, the more likely they will be content with their life in a world of people as stupid as they are.

I'd prefer to live according to my conscience, rather than try to conform to "normal" society. I cooperate, i do what i must to subsist; but i do not consent blithely to the evil insanity which is our society. I'd rather be honest than comfortable.

Sentient creatures are not ours to use. Animals are not ours to keep captive, whether for food, as pets, or otherwise. It is unethical to intentionally cause any more sentient beings to be born. Anti-natalism, veganism, and pacifism are ethical behaviors. Stop reproducing, so we can go extinct in peace! It's too late to save the ecosystem and all the creatures in it, but you can at least STOP MAKING MORE VICTIMS BE BORN!

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