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Generate VCR Plus codes for your VCR (text)
JavaKeys, a Java 1.1+ AWT key event dumper (text)
SwingKeys, a Swing key event dumper using a JTextField event source for Java 1.4+ (text)
SwingKeys with JPanel, a Swing key event dumper using a JPanel event source for Java 1.4+ (zip)
A more general Java 1.1 AWT Event Dumper (text)
A Java Electron Orbital Calculator (tar.gz zip hqx)
Boyer-Moore Illustrated applet (tar.gz)
A simple Boyer-Moore Java class (text)


How to use Mac OS X FileMerge with Perforce

Web Standards

W3C validators
CSS Zen Garden

Internet News Media

Media reform
Search the Well Connected Database to learn who owns the media in your area
Who Owns What from Columbia Journalism Review
Media Matters for America
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)

Radio and video
Democracy Now
Alternative Radio

Independent Media Center
Common Dreams

Lawrence Lessig

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Information of Use to No One

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